Ahmed Ustić

Ahmed Ustić (1975) was born in Ljubovija, Serbia, but lived his whole life in Srebrenica. In July 1995, when the borders of the enclave were fired at, Ahmed and a group of Bosniak men started defending Srebrenica.

“We were hoping that the United Nations would intervene to stop the attacks. We were wrong.”

Following attacks by Serb forces, Ahmed and his father joined the column of men leaving from Šušnjari through the woods. To reach the free territory they had to go through the woods of the Udrč Mountain all the way to Nezuk.

After six days spent on the Death March route, Ahmed managed to reach the free territory. His grandfather Ismet Tepić (1929) was killed on the way to Nezuk.

Ahmed’s testimony is documented within the multimedia project, “Memento: Fragments of the Srebrenica Genocide,” which is produced by the Srebrenica Memorial Center and the Post-Conflict Research Center.