Rejha Ademović

“I still haven’t found
my eldest son.”

Born 1951.

Pre-war residence: village of Babuljice,
Municipality of Srebrenica.

Family members killed in the Srebrenica Genocide:

Husband – Hakija Ademović (1943)
Son – Nezir Ademović (1973)
Son – Muamer Ademović (1980)

Donated items: Shoes and jacket

Ramiz Nukić

“People were begging me to kill them, to end their suffering. Those horrors I cannot forget.”

Born 1961.

Pre-war residence: village of Pobuđe,
Municipality of Bratunac

Family members killed in the Srebrenica Genocide:

Father – Šahin Nukić (1941)
Brother – Velid Nukić (1976)
Brother – Behadil Nukić (1962)
Uncle – Ramo Nukić (1952)

Days walked on Death March: Seven (7)

Testimonies are documented within the multimedia project, “Memento: Fragments of the Srebrenica Genocide,” which is curated by the Srebrenica Memorial Center and the Post-Conflict Research Center.