Bida Osmanović

Bida Osmanović was born in 1948 in the village of Suha, Municipality of Bratunac. In memory of her son Faruk, born in 1973, who was killed during an attempt to reach the free territory, Bida donated his shirt and tobacco papers to the archive of the Srebrenica Memorial Center for permanent retention.

“We hoped that he would succeed, that he would survive, that he would come to us. His brother-in-law managed to come back alive and well, but he was sad and crying because Faruk did not survive.”

Faruk’s remains were found in 2016 in Kozluk. That year he was buried in the Memorial Center.

Bida’s testimony is documented within the multimedia project, “Memento: Fragments of the Srebrenica Genocide,” which is produced by the Srebrenica Memorial Center and the Post-Conflict Research Center.