Šuhra Sinanović

“Take care of our children” were the last words Šuhra’s husband, Muriz Sinanović (b. 1963), said to her. Šuhra Sinanović (b. 1965) lived with Muriz and her two young children in Bratunac before fleeing to Srebrenica.

On July 11, 1995, she hugged her husband for the last time. She donated his tobacco box to the Srebrenica Memorial Center for permanent retention.

“I will never forget that moment. He hugged the children and we started crying. It was as if he knew that he would never return.”

Šuhra’s testimony was documented within the multimedia project, “Memento: Fragments of the Srebrenica Genocide,” which is produced by the Srebrenica Memorial Center and the Post-Conflict Research Center.