Munir Habibović

Before the war, Munir Habibović (1969) and his family lived in Dugo Polje, in the Municipality of Srebrenica.

With the fall of Srebrenica, he joined the column of men in Šušnjari. His experience on the Death March route to the free territory lasted six days.

His deaf-mute brother Mirsad (1961) was killed in the Genocide. After deciding to seek protection at the United Nations base, he was kicked off the evacuation bus and killed.

There were more of them with impaired hearing and “one man told them that these people could not hear. Despite that, they were expelled from the bus, taken to some of the numerous execution sites and killed.”

Munir’s testimony is documented within the multimedia project, “Memento: Fragments of the Srebrenica Genocide,” which is produced by the Srebrenica Memorial Center and the Post-Conflict Research Center.